Phil Baker
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A bit about me
I am a lifelong learner, product loving problem solver, and people first teammate.
With my hands near the keyboard, I love working to solve meaningful problems, abstracting complexity while building robust software, and actively learning through exploration. As a technology leader, I value being a part of a team's growth in terms of size and impact but especially at the personal level with each of my teammates.
Throughout my life, I have been most fulfilled when I am surrounded by talented people with whom I share a love of learning.
I often reach for books and podcasts that impact the way I think about my own life; I would love to check out some of your favorites. Being active is also quite important to me. I run, golf, or play basketball just about every day of the week. More than anything else, I cherish my relationships with family and friends.
Please reach out, I'd love to hear from you.